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Default Re: The Miami Heatles are 17-5 against the Western conference.... What ?!

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
West against East

Spurs 17-4
Rockets 17-6
Warriors 15-5
Grizzlies 14-5
Jazz 13-6
Thunder 12-6
Clippers 11-8
Nuggets 10-7
Lakers 11-9
Mavs 9-9
Kings 11-12
Blazers 9-10
Hornets 8-10
Wolves 7-12
Suns 7-15

East against West

Heat 17-5
Knicks 12-7
Pacers 12-9
Celtics 10-8
Hawks 10-9
Magic 8-10
Nets 7-10
76ers 9-13
Bulls 7-11
Bucks 6-11
Wizards 7-13
Raptors 8-15
Pistons 4-15
Cavs 4-15
Bobcats 3-20

Lulz 4th/5th placed teams in the East (Nets/Bulls) have a worse record against the West than the Kings and Hornets have against the East.

The new Kings owners should argue that Seattle is so far West that is already East again. Suddenly they jump from lottery team in the West to homecourt advantage in the East.

The two records I bolded are the only two that matter for the discussion in this thread.
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