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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Not that 'm defending Casey and as a matter of fact i'm not, I don't want him as our coach, but just noting out that neither of those were play calls for Amir. If i remember correctly, the first Amir putback was a rebound of a Gay miss. And the second wasn't a playcall at all. Rudy got that lucky steal off the bad inbounds pass by West and then Amir had it with just a few seconds left on the clock. He said in the post game interview that he initially wanted to dish it to Rudy or someone else but nobody was open so he just kind of threw it up quick and anticipated the bounce so he could get the rebound. Heady play by Amir down the stretch.

It was interesting though that Val kind of took a sutble shot at Casey when the reporters were asking him why he hasn't been getting many minutes and he was like I don't know but i'm hungry. As has been said, an out of condition Val with a f*cked up hand is better than a fully functioning Aaron Gray any day of the week. The only time i'd really understand benching Val is late in games since he'll always pick up cheap fouls. But other than that, let the kid play and earn his stripes.
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