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Default Re: Ketchup vs Mustard 2/9/2013 Cavaliers @ Nuggets OGT

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Cav fans getting screwed again but I suppose having two players in the past 8 years who were good enough for people to jockey and fight about is a pretty good problem to have

Such a young team in the middle of developing you'd think the whole fighting thing would wait until the playoffs. Have to go through people shitting on there players around Irving while they rebuild
It started REALLY early this time around. I guess that is because Irving's stunning play at such an early stage in his career. We've already got the Irving fanboys, which are irritating both real Cavs fans and fans of other teams/players and the detractors, usually player fans of other point guards in the league who aren't happy that Irving is this good this soon.

Not a horrible problem to have, but annoying nonetheless.
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