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Default Re: Ketchup vs Mustard 2/9/2013 Cavaliers @ Nuggets OGT

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Pay him no mind. Fanboys' jobs are to do whatever it takes to prop their chosen guy up, teammates be damned.
What's your feelings about what will probably be the team's core going forward? I don't see how you can't think Thompson won't be a very good starting PF. Maybe a player with 12-15 PPG 8-10 RPG prime potential. I'm not sure Waiters is someone who will develop into "second best player on championship contender" status, but it's not out of the question; and besides, if he reaches his full potential, you could do a lot worse for a third best player on a playoff team, especially when that team's best player is someone as good as Kyrie. I mean that's three pretty damn good pieces to build around in my opinion.

I'm a UNC fan, but I'm not going to pretend Zeller will become a solid starting center, although I don't think you can just write that possibility off because of a bad two or three week stretch 40+ games into his rookie year. Especially when he's been thrust into a starting role he's clearly not ready for and at a time when a lot of rookies hit the rookie wall. At the very least, I think you've got the beginning of what could be a very good second unit in Speights, Ellington, and Zeller if you keep all of them.

I don't know, I just think Cleveland has some very good pieces in place, and are on the right track of at least building a good playoff caliber team.
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