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Default Re: Does LeBron vs. Durant resemble Magic vs. Bird at all?

Ofcourse there is some similarities... but the rivalry similarity is nowhere close and never will be, Magic & Bird were back and forth 24-7... championship games since college, one loses, one wins, one loses, one wins and so on their entire career almost... Lebron/Durant dont have something like that, they actually dont have any rivalry, it has been all Lebron, it might be a rivalry in the future though....

Magic/Bird were also equally matched overall talent wise....... Lebron & Durant are not... Lebron is better than Durant, he is overall a more talented version of Magic and Durant is overall a somewhat less talented version of Bird... MUCH less vision/passing skills, less of a rebounder, less bball IQ and hell probably even less defense... when you think about it Bird is actually more similar to Lebron (this season) than Durant is... think of a more athletic Larry Bird (which therefore gives him more defense and versatility to defend/play some more positions) with less FT accuracy and you have yourself Lebron... both were also point-forwards with ridicilous vision/passing skills.... Bird was a guy that could kill you without scoring anything, Durant is no such guy....

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