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Default Re: Antwan Jamison says Michael can still play today even at 50

Originally Posted by andgar923
In the right situation he could do very well.

He was trying to carry the entire load and playing with injuries as a Wiz. Naturally he can't do that anymore, but he can play as a supporting member perhaps with a good big man. He wouldn't be a good fit with another good guard, he'd have to play with a big man that commands double teams and is a defensive presence as well.

With a slightly reduced role, good big man and less minutes he could be very effective and may even have a couple 4o pt games and a 50 pt game if all things are aligned in his favor (rest, rest, rest).

I said this before, but I remember a statistic of Wizard's Jordan show his numbers with 1 day or more rest vs his stats on games where he played the previous day, and the differences were day and night. So for an older player the most important thing is rest.
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