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Default Re: Antwan Jamison says Michael can still play today even at 50

Originally Posted by bdreason
There is no way he could play at 50, because he couldn't guard anyone.

If I was going to pick a former player who could possibly play at 50, it would be a knockdown 3 point shooter, not a guy who relied on his strength and speed to succeed.

Naturally his biggest weakness would be his quickness. But he'd still be smarter and more fundamentally sound than 99% of the league.

Shit, if Kidd is still out there guarding the top guards why can't MJ? I can almost guarantee that MJ at this age is still quicker than Kidd right now. Hell, don't have to go far but to look at Artest. Still considered by some as a good defender although he was never quick. He's quicker than MJ is now, but MJ is still smarter, and can get away with more calls. Have a good big man in the middle and he's not getting exposed as much.
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