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Default Re: Clippers @ Knicks 1 pm EST

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
CP3 and Griffin haven't really flopped at all this year. Is the Caron opinion based on that play where he stole the ball at the end of the game? Because dude is a known class act. Barnes is a thug that's about the only thing you said that seems accurate. Odom is a ***** and that's why you don't like him?
Come on man,I've watched Clippers a lot this year and they still flop. Maybe not as much as they did last year but they still do. I remember Blake Griffin do a 360 in air against the Warriors I mean it was a foul,his arm was grabbed but he sold it that it looks like he was trying to kill him.

I don't like Odom because he was playing well with the Lakers and as soon he left them he became a scrub. He was all like "I have some minor personal problems,I left the team I love,why just don't stop trying,I'll get my money regardless".

And about Caron,yes,that steal was a real class act

You can say what you want,I don't like the Clippers. I dislike most of your roster.
I'm not saying they aren't good because they are. I just don't like them and don't have any respect for most of them.
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