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Default Re: Does LeBron vs. Durant resemble Magic vs. Bird at all?

No its not the same for many reasons. There are many factors which made the Bird/Magic rivalry so important to the growth of the NBA.

*Timing - Bird and magic came up in college at the same time. They also clashed in the championship game and Magic won.

*Race - Lets be honest...Bird was the great white hope and many white people rooted for him because he was white as many blacks and other minorities rooted against him because he was white...

*The Boston/LA comparison - This added on to the racial imagery that was used to promote this rivalry. Boston was supposedly blue collar hard working town that contrasted with the bright lights and flashy showtime of Los Angeles. This pulled as many people to each side as the race issue.

*The fact that they traded dominance over the years - There wasnt really a period where one went on a extended period of dominance over the other. Magic won the matchup in college. Bird was rookie of the year, but magic won a title and was finals MVP.. And obviously the way they traded titles over the years. The argument was never truly settled, and Im sure that is the way the NBA likes it

great rivalry, but alot of it was circumstance and timing. I would appreciate the NBA and stern a little more if they stop trying to recreate old moments and help the NBA build new ones.. Durant and Lebron are not like Bird & Magic, but if we have a little patience and sit back and enjoy their careers? we may see something just as entertaining.

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