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Default Ankle pain after basketball but no swelling

Hello Guys,

Got a bit of a strange one, doctors are useless, as they just advocate rest. It's difficult to google it, as symptoms are unusual and lengthy.

I am fine before playing, and I do the usual warm ups, everything is fine in terms of speed, cuts, lateral movement in the game. But after about an hour and a half to two hours, my left ankle locks up and it feels like a light ankle sprain, there is pain and stiffness and it buggers up my game completely. Right foot is totally fine.

There is no swelling, there is no red marks. I just limp away after every session like a gimpy old man. Sometimes the ache and pains come earlier and my game just crumbles as I can't then drive or hit a jump shot, which isn't good in the fourth quarter.

I ice it up, and literally the next day it's fine again.

Have had this for 3 weeks now, and did not have any injuries as a precursor, as I spent new years and xmas ill with flu..
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