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Default Re: Clippers @ Knicks 1 pm EST

Originally Posted by Clutch
That's true. They've been playing like crap lately. Even when they were winning it didn't look good except for maybe a game or two.

It's a lot of continuity problems. They'd started to figure out the defense prior to Felton returning, but they couldn't score efficiently as Amare wasn't still right and Felton has been their 2nd option all year when he was healthy. Now the guard's defensively have been sh*t.

When players are quick striking with transition buckets, and easy guard penetration off of pick and rolls or bad's hard to find a rhythm offensively yourself for the most part. Amare had some bad possessions, but really couldn't get involved in the game as a featured player, because its hard for teams to understand patience offensively when they're giving up buckets every time on the other end. The turnovers didn't help the Knicks either.

They've got to become more consistent defending the perimeter, especially the pick and roll.
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