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Default Re: Magic Johnson is an idiot if he thinks lebrons 5 games are better than kobes

Originally Posted by bmd
It's not just about 3 stats, you simpleton.

If I score 50 points on 300 shots, is that better than scoring 42 points on 14 shots?

That's a stupid question. Look at the facts

One player averaged 54 points on on 50 + % over 5 games, how you people call that chucking or try to discredit it is unbelievable

Lebron plays less & shoots less because he plays on a superior team to what Kobe has at the time. 31 on 68% is crazy good though.

Considering at this time Kobe had no real 2nd option defiently nobody who can drop 30 like wade. The entire offensive load was carried by Kobe.

He was the #1 priority for each defense to stop, they could double constantly because nobody else on the lakers was a threat, he played nearly the entire game and still was able to drop 50 + on amazing efficiency. Incredible durability.

Kobe averaged 50 point games are rare these days, we haven't even had anybody go for 50 yet this season, to AVERAGE 50 + on 50 + % shooting is something that we may never see again

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