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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Thoughts on tonights game:
1. FINALLY JV is back in the starting lineup. I was honestly starting to believe that Casey was gonna keep Aaron Gray as the starter for the remainder of the season. He started, played 34 mins, picked up a double double and was generally tough in the paint. Fouls with him are still an issue. Some because of rookie phantom fouls but some because of how hard and aggressively he plays. He needs to pick up some of those Tim Duncan fundamentals, but anyways as I always say still early. He has potential and he definitely has the desire.

2. John Lucas. Great game tonight, i'll give hiim credit for that. But what he is, is a shorter, maybe slightly faster version of Eddie House. He can do one thing and one thing only, shoot the basketball, and if that shot isn't dropping he's a liability. Now an Eddie House type of player can be utilized on the right type of team but ours isn't it. He's that guy who should get 10 minutes off the bench and just jack up shots for instant offense. I've noticed an increasing trend where Casey is giving him extended 4th quarter mintues. Paid off today against a below average opponent that left him open most of the night and didn't choose to expose his defense on the other end of the floor but on other nights it has cost us big time, and more often than not that's what giving him 8-10 minutes in the 4th quarter is gonna do. We still need a backup point.

3. Aaron Gray playing 2 minutes tonight, well done. He should only be in the game for a short time to use his 6 hard fouls.

4. Ross once again as I said in the other thread has benefited the least from the Gay trade. 8 mins tonight, 1 shot, no points. Hasn't been a factor since the trade.

5. Good night for Lowry, definitely should've played more 4th quarter minutes.

6. Another one of "those" nights for Gay. Had his moments here and there but came through when needed.

7. Derozan... I don't know about the dude. I know he doesn't get all the calls he should but when he lets it get to him he can get taken out of a game mentally. What he needs to do is be more forceful. I can't believe i'm using a Matt Devlin quote but the last game he said he noticed that DD runs towards the contact and then kind of fades away rather than attacking and trying to posterize people. I dunno, I think Ross needs more minutes and Derozan needs to be traded. I think Ross is kind of passive because now Rudy is the big shot and DD is that 2nd guy.

7. Amir Johnson has become our Udonis Haslem. Minus the consistent midrange game but everything else. Quiet leader, brings it every night, you can always count on him, plays tough D, has developed quite the inside passing game, and for the most part knows how to pick and choose his spots on the offensive end. Can't say enough good things about him, love the guy.
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