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Default Re: Magic Johnson is an idiot if he thinks lebrons 5 games are better than kobes

Originally Posted by pauk
If Kobe would have taken 77 FG attempts during that 5 game "hot" stretch of his he would have only 115 points (23.0 PPG)....
If Lebron would have taken 173 FG attempts during these 5 games he would had around 350 points (70.0 PPG).....
What kind of a Math do you have?
2 pointer 46/62
3 pointer 9/15
Free t. 36/47
155 points total

2 pointer 70/129
3 pointer 21/44
Free t. 65/71
268 points total

If LeBron scored his points on Kobe's efficiency, he would have scored 132 points. 26.4 ppg. Not 23.0.

If Kobe scored his points on LeBron's efficiency, he would have scored 325 points. 65.0 ppg. Not 70.0.


We all know you are just as awful as Kobe-stan. But at least do the Math correctly.
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