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Default Re: Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant vs. Phoenix Suns OGT:

Originally Posted by KG215
Here's my problem with you. You're not a Thunder fan. You're a Westbrook stan. I think you pretend to be a Thunder fan, but anyone with a brain knows better. I don't think anyone will argue Westbrook's energy does essentially make him the heart and soul of the team. However, you act like OKC would be fine without Durant and shit without Westbrook, neither of which is true. OKC would miss Durant just as much or more than they would Westbrook.

If you're going to pretend to be a Thunder fan, at least don't make it so obvious you're just stanning for one of their players.
I live in Oklahoma City and am an OKC fan. I'm not pretending to be anything. With all the Westbrook hate and under-appreciation, he deserves at least one poster giving him the credit he deserves and pointing out how important he is. There's already enough Durant lovers on here, his importance is obvious. Of course my posts will be biased towards my favorite player and will consume most of my post count. Doesn't mean what I say is bullshit. I really only care about the Thunder winning and if you knew me in real life you wouldn't question that
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