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Default Re: ISH feminist club

Originally Posted by Nick Young
Feminism is not about equality between genders. That is what feminists claim they are about, but if you actually read feminist literature and think logically rather then cloud your mind with political correctness you will see the truth.

Ask yourself why feminists are always only going on about getting equality in the very best jobs, never the slogging ones.

You never see women rallying for equality in other male dominated jobs such as:
Sewage workers
Coal miners
Construction workers
Septic tank specialists
Soldiers on the front lines in combat

They want women to be CEOs and 5 star generals in the military and other nice jobs like that, trying to instill affirmative action everywhere so that underqualified women get jobs ahead of people more deserving and more qualified then them SIMPLY DUE TO THEIR GENDER. That is the opposite of equality.

Males today should not be punished and women should not get special benefits simply because women in the past were "oppressed".

Women never had to go to war and risk their lives to protect men. Both genders have always had it bad historically. Women complain about getting oppressed, while in Roman times, the dark ages and middle ages they actually recieved more education then the males, at least in Europe. Males had to quit school early to go do manual labor to support their families while girls kept going to school for much longer. That is just one example but there are hundreds like that, of women in history supposedly being "oppressed" while actually recieving much higher education then their male counterparts.

In the London police department, 86% of all deaths in the line of duty happen to males. This means that either women are either all super cops compared to men, or that men are often thrown into the line of fire and have to answer the more dangerous calls while women are held back. Are male and female beat cops really doing the same job and deserve equal paychecks?

I seek true equality between the genders. That's why I'm not a feminist and for the most part against the movement.

So you support the patriarchy?
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