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Nick Young shedding truth to the light as always. Anti-hipster, anti-blind faith, anti-illuminati, anti-Muslim Brotherhood, anti-feminism, pro-yoga, pro-freedom, pro-individuality. **** yes.

With that said though the first wave of feminism was great, because there are many Rosie the Riveter types, and many brilliant businesswomen and great female doctors out there who are making ends meets. They used their skills to benefit mankind collectively without seeking petty revenge and hatred upon men. Still today, they are all over the place and God bless the ladies who keep on stacking that paper. Something many modern day lying scoundrels wouldn't dare do in a million years. Camille Paglia made some great points. Plus you would never have cool down to earth chicks like Jennifer Lawrence and making her way on the Silver Screen if feminism didn't encourage women to have some cool masculine personalities.

These people make the world go round. They lived harmoniously.

IT was the 2nd and 3rd waves that made by absolute retards like that one gray haired butch dyke who said "All sex is rape" :oldlol" and that "all males should be castrated" who wreak of jealousy towards those prettier tahn them and attempt to bring those who wanted families down. Misery loves company. This is when the genders started to hate each other. This was when people started to say "omg all men are the same i hate them" or "B!tches ain't sh!t but tricks or hoes."

See the amount of commercials depicting husbands as retarded pets that need to be managed? Even in the oldern days there were only a handful of things that disrespected wives. Matter of fact it was man's projection of his own inner beautiful soul upon girls that made you believe they were innocent princesses.

It's the following laws that need to get fukking destroyed or redacted ASAP.
- The fact that a husband must consult a wife for a VASECTOMY. IT's his fukking body.
- The absurd child support laws that allow retarded white knights to manipulate the court system and dish children on BEHALF OF FUKKING GENDER and not COMPETENCE which is the way things out to be. Meritocracy from now to forever babyy.
- The disgusting culture of depicting men as pedophiles and child molestors. Average dude is good guy whose goal is to comfort childrne.
- The fact that alimony pays well for the lazier spouse. That's some bullsh!t. A lot of cool hardworking women get screwed from this too.
- The insane sexual imbalance. A female 3 thinks she deserves a male 10 and will get HER sexual satisfaction from it, A male 3 (not just ugly, but also lame, boring, stupid, uninspiring, insecure) can not and will not ever enjoy sex with a female 10. Not often. Keep in mind this constitutes all traits, not just looks.
- Schools specifically have more cooperative work and less chance for creativity and competition which males absolutely thrive on.
- The evergrowing big govt welfare and police state and the obsession with other people's life.

Patriarchy is female privilege in disguise. But it is also the most effective, tried and tested formula for a long-lasting civilization. Christian, Islamic, HIndu, SE European and Asian societies have lasted for over a thousand years. But as Nick said, selfishness was looked lowly upon and life sucked for BOTH people, but ESPECIALLY guys. You had men KILLING each other for women's honor. And let's be real here. No woman worth her weight in gold WANTS to be stuck with Joe Schmoe. We're doing a disservice to these poor girls who have to be trapped in situations they don't like! And they don't want to have weak political or social power.

Read Myth of Male Power for insight on this. It's baffling how many guys are so obsessed with their ego and "being the man" and calling certain stuff "women's work" that they fail to see how they are puppets being plucked by strings. You give the woman entire autonomy of the kitchen... she controls yours tomach. You want the feeling of being manly, cool, and competent.. she gets her car/tire fixed for free. That's energy you could've spent on Y.O.U.R>S.E.L.F

Girls have outstanding emotional control and have used it expertly to deceive men since the dawn of mankind. That can be a good thing or a bad thing (think of a good mother raising her boy), but lately it's been mostly used tfor bad. Even in religions which are considered "misogynstic" it's well known that *powerful priests* used churches and mosques and synagogues of the corrupt flavor USED WIVES to control and manage men. That means strip them down financially, browbeat them emotionally and enslave them. The elites mjilking off the average fella. FACT. But hey lets call it true love and marriage

Talk about a denial of life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness.

Let's skip the BS and get straight to the jungle. True equality. Eye for an eye. Everyone held accountable from an equal universal standard.

The best and the most competent shall survive. Either gender. No bullsh!t boys are evil and rowdy type environment in school. No bullsh!t girls are weak type environment in gym class. We'll respect people, and we'll never shame anyone.

That's the way it ought to be. The funnest time period yet, but the most destructive :). Welcome to Dystopia.

It's time for evolution folks.
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