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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

you know a unit is good when it can both be repaired and healed

hellbat will be changed i anticipate. blizzard usually gives players/metagame a chance to adjust, but i think it has to get changed before official release

although beta is ending soon, they should change it soon... :s

on the subject of hellbats, david kim just posted this about hellbats about an hour ago
We're hearing your feedback on Hellbat drops being overpowered. We've also been watching all the tournament games and as many highest level pro streams as possible.

They're really powerful, but we're still seeing a lot of players who really haven't had the time to learn to deal with them yet.

For example, in last week's MLG qualifier matches, a top end korean Zerg player lost 3 of 4 matches just to Hellbat drops. However, in this specific series, we were definitely seeing flaws in play. The Zerg player had roaches in 1 single ball and moved to defend vs. each dropship coming into multiple locations. Against this type of Zerg defense, just the normal Marine drops would have done just as much damage.

If a nerf is needed, we'd probably increase the cargo space on Hellbats to 4 so that we can only affect this specific scenario. We'll do our best to determine what's correct for this strategy, but please remember we're looking into every major community concern and carefully analyzing them.

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