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Default Re: Prime MJ & Pippen vs Prime LeBron & Wade

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
Good point. You and Kblaze hit the nail on the head. The bottom line is, "the dobermans" are PROVEN ... 6x.
You hit it too. Plus MJ being able to raise his game to competition levels and pressure situations is the best of the four players.

We don't know if from here on out Bron can do the same, in game 6 type caliber performances, so another advantage goes to Jordan.

MJ / Pip have size advantage. MJ is 6'6, Wade is 6'4, LeBron is 6'8, and Pippen is 6'7. Wade is pretty much a poor man's '85 - '89 Jordan, LeBron is a billionaire version of Pippen '94 - '96

And peak MJ, well ... is a lethal combination of peak Kobe and Wade combined. Which means he's virtually impossible to guard.

Can't sag off like you can Wade and force him to shoot, can't front him and make him drive and finish at the rim like you can Kobe (or shoot tough shots) ... he's just too good.
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