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Default Re: Prime MJ & Pippen vs Prime LeBron & Wade

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Could you imagine if Shawn Marion called a 26 year old or an 8th season Jordan a bitch ?
Did you see what he did to fellow SG contemporary and MVP candidate when the media just dared to compare their games?

MJ sodomized Drexler in the '92 Finals in front of the entire world. He took it absolutely personally. Can't shoot the 3 like Drexler? Here is 6 of them in one half.

Now imagine a significantly less talented player calling him a BITCH in an NBA Finals game. What do you think would happen?

MJ would go into straight Conan mode. Rape, brutalize, torch, cook, eat the entire Mavericks team by himself.

MJ fabricated slights from players to get motivated. Can you imagine if the player actually gave him that kind of fuel? First of all no one ever who even stepped to Jordan never antagonized him to that personal of a level. They a) respected him too much and b) probably would have feared the backlash.

Oh, and he would have locked up Jason Terry something serious. He'd have him handcuffs and throw away the key.
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