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Default Re: Absolute Smartest People on InsideHoops

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
by pure do you mean Modded to the point that everyone just regurjitates the same tired ____________( fill in copy and pasted stats from BR)

Nothing pure at all from RGM....they mainly have the same tired topics up all week ( lots of them copied from ISH)....and of course its modded to death so you have less troll topics.....but it also provides zero fun interaction.

I have an account for there for over 5 years .......Place is dead now ....

Knowlegable posters and stupid Trolls>overly Modded site with posters posting stats like spam bots.

Well personally, I usually take my talents to the Raptors board and I can say that without a doubt, the topics there are more in depth and thought out (when not in full panic mode, or sheep mode) than anything close to here. From proper cap breakdowns, to playbook dissecting, just more advanced critical thinking in general.

The main general board is somewhat boring I tend to agree but again, much more mature and less cluttered than over here. I will go back and forth between the two as my personal preference
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