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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by pauk

Spielbergs "DUEL" (1971)

wow what a suspenseful movie... i was kindof sceptic at first but just as the movie started when i saw in POV the driver pulling out of his driveway to unknown destination and after a long travel he is in middle of nowhere and sees only this rusty huge truck infront of him, i knew then i was in for something special.... probably the only film ive seen composed basically of one action scene that also manages to engage you thru the whole movie... Sure a few points needed to be touched on more, but then again the GOAT DIESEL TRUCK TROLL is trolling you for some unknown reason, are you really going to stop and ask it a question?

9 / 10

yup..I checked it out on Netflix awhile ago.....pretty good Movie...

reminded me of the beginning of Jeepers of the best opening sequences in a Horror Movie.
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