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Default Re: Atheism vs. Theism

Originally Posted by G-train
Athiests are the most naive people in the universe.

Everyone in the universe is naive.

I have never met two theists who were exactly alike. Everyone has their own personalized beliefs and subtle disagreements about what "God" is and what its intentions are even if they share the same religion. It all comes off as being arbitrary selections based on who knows what. Is it based on what "sounds good"? Or on what "feels right within"?

There's such a wide array. Perhaps there is a god, but the only sensible form of theism I can see is that it's a god that doesn't care about being believed in and certainly wouldn't punish or reward based on who makes the right selection about which door it's hiding behind.

It's not so much a matter of intellect as I hyperbolically make it seem. It's more an issue of plain common sense.
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