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Default Re: Lakers try to put drama behind them as they return from long trip

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
One of the things that Phil Jackson spoiled us on was how he handled situations without putting his foot too deep into issues.

When problems happened, he simply went back to the X's and O's. On holidays, he gave players books. He did whatever he needed to do to get his players motivated. He never solved Shaq and Kobe's problems, but he kinda swept it under the rug for a little bit and got them focused enough for a little bit.

As far as the drama nowadays, what can D'Antoni do? He can't tell Kobe to shut up. Kobe will quickly turn on him and not give it his best. He can't tell Dwight to Man up. Dwight will leave los angeles.

D'Antoni is in a tricky situation simply because he's in a situation where he not only has to win, but he has to keep everyone happy.

Phil Jackson's book "the last season" explains a lot of what happened when he had to deal with Kobe. There was no right answer. There wasn't any answer really. He had to be creative about it. Mike Brown had to kiss Kobe's ass to the point of letting him coach when Kobe was sitting out.

What does anyone do in that situation?

This was indeed the genius of Phil Jackson, not strategic moves, it was managing egos.

What I feel 'Antoni should do is first try psychology with Kobe, I would tell him that his talking is distracting the team and hurting his own play. I would remind him that he is Kobe Bryant, the guy who took Smush and Kwame to the playoffs and almost upset the Suns, the guy who played without Bynum for the first 2 of the last 3 finals years. That he was making it seem like he needed Howard, begging for him as if he were nothing without him.
Of course this is all BS but Kobe does have a big ego and if he feels like he is being perceived as begging he will stop it. May not work but I'd give it a try.....if that didn't work you'd have to Man Up and really piss Kobe off real bad to the point he is so pissed off at you that he would forget about

What to do with Dwight??? That is much tougher, you would have to really get a feel for what the guy cares about if anything at all. The only way to go is to go with the Legacy issue, the Hall Of Fame issue, the retired number issue, the status of champion issue. The huge problem with that angle is that 'Antoni is using Howard as an afterthought, not as a true center, not as an all-star, not as a great......this is what has caused the problem in the first place.
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