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Default Re: Should we pursue Greg Oden?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
On the contrary, other players have been doing good great job in Dantoni's system. Even gasol has been doing a great job when he started at center. If this season does not go well, Dwight Howard will leave, But everyone on this team seems to be on the same page as the coach is. Not to mention he is guaranteed locked in if the Lakers still want him. Since dantoni has slowed down his offense, the defense improved and the offense consists of a lot of passing before taking a good shot. It's good basketball to watch.

You can't just throw in players on a team, especially if it won't work on paper. Coach is already struggling with implementing Dwight into the system. Now you're asking him to randomly make it work with two big men, one who hasn't played for God knows how long. Add his injury history to that and now you don't even know if you'll even get to see the dude play at all.

It MIGHT work with a team like Miami because their center positions don't need much learning other than to grab rebounds and play defense. That is also IF he gets a chance before getting hurt. So since we already have Dwight doing that, where does oden fit here?

I'm glad that you are enjoying the games and feel that is now "Good Basketball".

I completely disagree with the quality of what it is, I think it is still horrible......but hey, I don't want everyone to be unhappy, so enjoy
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