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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
He is a great shooter. One of the best in the league at coming off screens and shooting the ball. His 3-pt% is 39%,that's very good,especially considering that he takes a lot of contested ones too.
Of course he isn't as good spot up shooter as Novak but players like Novak are easy to stop while Klay would give another dimension to our offense.

Right now Klay Thompson is much better than Shumpert. I know he's coming back off an injury but Shump hasn't given us anything so far. No offense,no defense. And I agree with you that we need to send him back to SG.
39% is good, slightly above avrage....also he is dismal in 2 point shot at 44%.

When he can get his fg% above 41%, then we can talk about his great shooting....and his ts% is only .534, pretty pathetic for a guy who was touted as a shooter.

he's nothing more than a decent three point shooter at this point in his career.

I expect him to improve, but right now, he is subpar as a shooter.
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