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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Any update on Noel? Interestingly, is there any chance he stays at UK if the injury is severe enough? Or perhaps a Marcus Lattimore situation.

btw, I fully expect duke to lay the hammer on UNC tonight. Like Michigan State beating Michigan type of loss.

When was the last time anyone in this rivalry was a double digit favorite? Last time I remember was the 2010 NIT season and that was a blood bath.

It would seriously be one of the biggest upsets in the history of the rivalry.
-2006 when Hansbrough and company beat duke on Redick's senior night was big, but I mean that was a good UNC team peaking at the right time.
-I thought last year was pretty bad on that douche bag's shot, although duke wasn't a bad team.
-2003 when UNC was unranked and duke was 10th. It was in Chapel Hill, tho.

This would be like if duke managed to beat UNC back in 1984 on Jordan's 'senior' night. UNC was (easily, imo) the best team in the country while duke wasn't ranked. That game went to double OT.

And I'm still probably going to bitch like a ***** little girl if we lose.
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