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Default Re: Nerlins Noel Torn ACL Out For The Season

Originally Posted by intrinsic
How much different is this in comparison to Kenyon's broken leg? Talent is still talent, right? Worst case scenario, he loses his first full NBA season to rehab and recovery. I can't see that pushing him down the draft board much if at all.

yea because it's a weak draft. Kenyon came out in a weak draft as well. He returned for his senior year to avoid being in the same draft as guys like Eddy Curry, Pau Gasol, Tyson Chandler, Eddie Griffin, even Kwame. Had the '02 draft been that strong he would have just entered the draft.

Nerlens is in a different situation, with Kenyon, everyone already knew he was going to be star. With Nerlens, aside from rebounding and shotblocking he hasn't really shown anything to warrant the same acclaim.

I still think he should stay another year, I think healing his knee is a top priority, but if some team wants to take the risk and gives him a guarantee in the lottery, it'll be hard for him to turn down the money and the best trainers money can buy.

Tougher situation imo in comparison to Kenyon
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