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Default Re: Post a pic of yourself 7

Originally Posted by Budadiiii
SourPatchKids your complexion is absolutely horrendous. Asians do tend to have terrible skin so I do feel for you and understand it's not your fault entirely.

I recommend you cut out all carbs and sugar from your diet while also introducing a daily skin healing program. The no carb diet will also strip you of your unattractive baby fat. I don't expect you to have the discipline to follow through with the advice I have given you, but it's always worth a try.
Yeah lol I've had even worse acne before, but if i drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep it tends to clear up. This whole week I'vr been really sick and had pinkeye from saturday to monday and I haven't been getting enough sleep. If I cared enough to wash my face with some almond soap before taking that pic, it would look at least a bit nicer.

And I don't turn 15 until May.
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