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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by bladefd
I read all of those posts. I was highly amused by the back-and-forth, and it was worth the laughs lol. If you were offended by the posts, you should have simply pm'ed the two parties to stop or take it to pm.

Just don't go as far as soCal/gts sometimes did. They often deleted legit posts in past even if the post had even a little bit of any sort of attack. People used to have long arguments with gts, and both sides (including gts) would sometimes get personal. I called out gts on it in pm once for hypocrisy.

Ahh, the great GTS, I didn't mind him, always felt he was smart and objective until...yes, I got into an intense debate with him and yes I felt offended by his insults. There was a time too that he deleted my post which I felt was legit, I Pm'ed him and asked him whats the deal but he couldn't find my post.
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