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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball 2012-13 game thread

I was a little upset at the trouble he was having posting up against the small dudes they were putting on him like Felton. But yeah, he did impact the game in other was as was said, D and rebounding. I agree that his D was underrated I think coming out of Memphis. Either that or he stepped it up when he came to Toronto. Whatever the case, unexpected bonus. And just his mere presence on offense whether he's scoring or not the team looks so different/better with him out there. Opposing teams still look at us as a "must win" opponent but I think we still have that element of surprise working for us.

edit: I can't lie though, when Lowry lost his cool and visibily to the ref the call the bullshit, I was like damn we're f*cked. But with the way JL has been shooting lights out, I guess it makes sense to play him those 4th quarter mins for the time being. As for AA, love the dude. He took a huge minutes cut and lost his starting job when Gay joined the team. But yet he stays ready to play always no matter what role he's given and even when he's not playing he's one of the biggest cheerleaders off the bench.

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