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Default Re: Post a pic of yourself 7

Do you have fast metabolism?

Very fast. Aside from dropping fast food out of my diet, I really didn't change how I ate at all

How much were you in 08 and how much are you now?

About 170-175 in 08, about 200 now

How gradual was your weight gain?

I was 185ish when I graduated college in 09. Then me and my ex split up late 10/early 11 and I just kinda went off on the workouts to take my mind off it and thats when I got into the 190s. I hit 200 towards the beginning of 2012.

Do those shakes make you shit all the time?

Yes. Only downside. And it usually hits at like 2am

Props man

Thanks ya

Btw.. I always thought you were Asian.

Nah just yellow by black people standards
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