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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by dd24
I'm not trying to take any sides here, but reading that it's pretty easy to tell that he's saying he doesn't know anything about nuclear physics, which is more than 'antoni knows about defense. There's no bragging there. We all need to get along on this forum again There's a lot of stuff that gets posted that's meant to be fecicious but people are trying to read into stuff way too much lately. The funny thing is we all agree that 'antoni isn't a good coach and somehow we're debating something we all agree on

Yeah, Nuclear Physics.......I know enough to fill an entire paragraph on a damn near nothing.

People need to chill and not get their panties in a bunch
Some folks act like 'Antoni is their momma the way they defend him

It's all good, I do like everyone on here and I'm sure we all want the team to win. No matter what gets said I don't ever hold a grudge

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