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Default Re: Jeff Berwick -Get Far Away From The U.S... Collapse Will Be Messy

Originally Posted by MMM
Which is why countries are trying to diversify from the US. Not sure how successful that strategy will be but you can see in Canada that they are aggressively seeking trade deals in Asia and Europe for new markets because of the lack of confidence in America's economy. With that being said I think if worse came to worst multinationals/china other foreign powers would attempt to bail out the American economy.

Canada has been doing this for the past few years. They've been aggressively creating a business friendly climate for Chinese investors in Western Canada (oil sands, resource extraction).

However, I don't think any country can really fully diversify themselves from US economic influence. The global economy has become more and more intertwined. We saw it in 2008, some countries that had very little to do with the US suffered from the after shocks of the financial crisis.

I think this has created a fragility in the sense that if one major player (like the US) goes down, they take everyone down with them.

They could always start a war. That's a great way to boost their economy, they've been doing it for the past 80 years anyway
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