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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Mike Woodson has to make serious changes to his lineup and rotations. Jason Kidd cannot be a starter anymore. Iman Shumpert has to start producing otherwise he needs to be on the bench. We cannot have 40% of our starting lineup produce nothing. It puts way too much pressure on Melo to score, especially considering the other 2 starters (Tyson and Felton) can't be trusted to produce either. Also Felton needs to become a creator on offense and not a chucker. I'm not sure he can though.

Amar'e and JR Smith should both start. They are 2 of our top producers, and we need to rely on them as much as possible. Fck this "spark off the bench" bullcrap. What good is a spark off the bench when the starting lineup is always behind?
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