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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Mike Woodson has to make serious changes to his lineup and rotations. Jason Kidd cannot be a starter anymore. Iman Shumpert has to start producing otherwise he needs to be on the bench. We cannot have 40% of our starting lineup produce nothing. It puts way too much pressure on Melo to score, especially considering the other 2 starters (Tyson and Felton) can't be trusted to produce either. Also Felton needs to become a creator on offense and not a chucker. I'm not sure he can though.

Amar'e and JR Smith should both start. They are 2 of our top producers, and we need to rely on them as much as possible. Fck this "spark off the bench" bullcrap. What good is a spark off the bench when the starting lineup is always behind?
So Iman isnt a scorer. And if he isnt good defensively he is useless! I'll say it again they should consider trading while he has value. But most fans overrate him anyways.

Felton cant create for guys that has no game. So there are only 4 players that can do anything offensively on this team; Felton, Melo, JR, Copeland. But yes lets bash Felton. So yes Felton is an average player trying to do more than his skill set but there isnt much choice in the situation.

I wouldnt bash Melo over having a bad shooting night. He has to score and keep trying to score. What else can he do? He could try to do other things like passing and defending but no one else is good enough to pick up that slack. But when Felton tries to do more he gets bashed.

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