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Default Re: Man Murders A Drunk Driver After Car Crash

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Yeah I said the amount of times you're caught matters for your sentence, but not from a moral point. If you do something terrible once or ten times it's still terrible.

All drunk driving should have the same base punishment, and then escalate it for each repeated offense, manslaughter, how far over the limit, etc. - It's like that now, but it should be harsher right off the bat. Increase the stigma.

I mean how many times does the average person drive drunk before they were caught? Probably a few.

Three strikes sounds fine in principal, but one do over should be enough. You should get one f*ck up if it wasn't too serious. Your own personal drunk driving is very easy to control, it's all on the individual and how much they value their life, car, privilege to drive, insurance rate, and other people.
for many people one time IS the eye-opener

and yes some people can get away with it literally hundreds of times before caught

kids are can tell a child a million times to "say no to drugs" but most will still say yes at some point. In fact telling them not to do something can make them want to do it more. They have to find out for themselves. And once a kid drives drunk once and gets away with they start to think they are above the norm..."oh but I am great drunk driver"...they don't learn until something bad actually happens. I knew dozens of people with this mind set when I was a youngster...eyes don't open until DUIs start getting handed out.

That's why I like the 3-strike system...I am willing to accept the fact that kids are dumb and do dumb things, esp when drunk.
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