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Default Re: Man Murders A Drunk Driver After Car Crash

In my much younger years I had two DUIs back-to-back within a 3 year period. As a result, I automatically lost my license for 4 years, and then after the 4 years, I had to have a breathalyzer on my vehicle for 3 additional years. At the time, I thought my life was over, I thought the penalty was way too harsh, etc. Today, I think it was pretty fair, especially considering the hundreds of times I've driven drunk, I could have killed someone (thank God that never happened). Even still to this day (until Oct 11th of 2014) I have a 0.00 tolerance meaning if I get pulled and blow anything up until that date, automatic 3rd DUI offense.

Many would say that's harsh punishment. I think it's fair. Some say it isn't enough.

I've had two DUIs ... should I be locked up for life? WHAT IF I was unfortunate enough to have say my first DUI ... say it was only my 2nd time driving drunk ever, and I just happen to slam into someone, killing them.

Who deserves the more harsh punishment, the guy who's driven 100+ times drunk out of his mind or the guy who only his 2nd time got behind the wheel and slammed into said dead subject?

The laws are designed a specific way for a reason. Raw emotion shouldn't drive the law... logic should. LOL, which is why so many of you are so off on this "the drunk driver deserved it" etc bullshit.
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