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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by L.A. Jazz
DK, has there ever been another Lakers coach worse than MDA since the 60s? or maybe give us the 3 worst in your opinion.

(we have time for this because this team wont make any positive noise soon)

In my opinion 'Antoni is by far the worst coach in Lakers History

The next 3 just off the top of my head.....and mind you, 2 of these guys have legitimate excuses;

Frank Hamblen (Interim) Pitiful guy, good assistant not ready to coach.

Kurt Rambis (Interim) Got thrown in and had absolutely no idea how to coach.

Mike Brown......I don't need to say a word

Randy Pfund.....worst Lakers coach ever until 'Antoni...another guy who was a good assistant but absolutely no head coaching skills. Yes, worse than Mike Brown.

On a separate note, I'm not sure if you guys know about Jack McKinney who coached the Lakers at the start of Magic's first season in 1979. The team looked great and were winning when the coach almost died in a bicycle accident in Palos Verdes....I think that is where it happened? He couldn't recover enough to coach so Paul Westhead took over and won the championship and went on from there until Magic got him fired.
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