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Default Re: I hate stupid parents

Originally Posted by LJJ
Yep. For about the first 100.000 years of human existence the average life expectancy was about 20 years.

Why change up folks? The negatives outweigh the positives! Connect the dots!

- Has little to do with Vaccines and much more to do with Food / Water source and supply....

- You can go to any Village in a 3rd world country without Clean water and food supply.....Give them as much Polio Vaccine's you can carry.....Kids will still get Polio.

- The in increase in Life expectantcy is because Americans have clean running water, Indoor plumbing , vast food supply for everyone ...not because of vaccines.

Even talking to my Grandfather about how much Water supply has changed in the past 70 years....he drank sometimes mostly stagnent water from a farm.....

- Having clean water and Food is better for your immune system and will allow you to Fight off deadly deseases....

- of course some people may still get ( people still get it even though they been Vaccinated)....The benefits of injecting vaccines into Children does not OUTWAY the cost....

- again.....vaccines at one point in time were a cost effective way to try and supress certain was Blood Letting ( cutting your arms and letting Blood drain out)..

but make no mistake about it...the long term effects do more harm then the actual deseases.....

America needs to change our policies.....and stop letting Billion dollar vaccine makers scare everyone into submission.

Malaria is another one of the top neglected diseases that world health leaders want to address with AMCs, but the ability to resist diseases like malaria requires a strong immune system, and for that, you require good nutrition, clean drinking water, and sanitation. If we want to help people in other countries to lower their malaria rates, and rates of other infectious diseases (like infection-associated diarrhea, which is one of the most common, and most preventable causes of death among children in the developing world) it would be wise to focus on these basics first.

Infectious organisms are more likely to penetrate the bodies of malnourished children due to inadequate vitamin C, which causes their skin to break down more easily and facilitates the entry of bacteria and other pathogens. The same is true for vitamin A deficiency, another common third-world problem, which results in increased susceptibility to infection and which could be rectified in individuals for pennies a day. Also, the living conditions of third-world children are often so poor that they are exposed to inordinately large numbers of pathogens, from which they have little defense.

In order to eradicate infectious disease from a nation, you also have to first address compromised immune systems. If you hit immune suppressed children with a potent, adjuvant-loaded vaccine, you're far more likely to create new disease, not eradicate it.

With all of the billions being poured into vaccines to “save” the children, how many water purification systems could have been built? How many sanitation facilities? How many rations of meat and fresh produce?

Even Bill Gates himself has admitted that vaccines alone don't eradicate disease. In a Wall Street Journal article about the resurgence of polio in African countries, Gates said that's why he is revamping his disease fight to incorporate health, hygiene, and clean drinking water programs into vaccination programs.1 Polio spreads, after all, largely through feces-contaminated water, so ignoring that major risk factor while trying to eradicate the disease is ignorant, to put it nicely.

What's really interesting is that at least one major vaccine maker has also echoed these sentiments, as evidenced on the front page of GlaxoSmithKline's presentation to shareholders in June 2010:2

"With the exception of clean drinking water, vaccines are the most cost-effective public health measure," GSK said.

What if, just what if, the same amount of money that has been spent on vaccines over the past decade had been spent on sanitation facilities, toilets, healthy food and clean water instead?

easiest example

Doctor: hey everyone......look at all these people ( who don't have fresh water) getting sick.....I made a Vaccine.....I can inject you with may or may not still get it....

Patient: But I do have fresh water...I do live healthy.....why should I take a risk of injecting myself with dangerous chemicals....

real answer: Because we gotta make money.....
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