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Default Re: I hate stupid parents

Originally Posted by Droid101
Shut your ****ing mouth.

Vaccinate. It saves lives.

Some people can't get vaccinated, being allergic or whatnot. You're contributing to them dying or getting polio or some awful, terrible shit by not vaccinating.
Herd Immunity - read about it:

Here is the death toll from idiotic anti-vaxxers (Namely Jenny McCarthy):

No I'm am I contributing?....If I take care of my child and provide clean water and food, Keep my child healthy ( especially since Polio is through feces and fecal matter contaminated water) How am i contributing to Polio?

- but you would much rather inject your child with dangerous chemicals causing all sorts of Nuerological damage for the rest of his life???

- I can easily say that you are contributing to mental health problems on your child who interns effects society as a whole...

- You want everyone to take a FAT vaccine to keep them healthy even when they eat Junk food........I want everyone to eat Right and be healthy without having to take medication with dangerous side effects
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