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Default Re: I hate stupid parents

Originally Posted by bmulls
Holy shit I knew these kinds of people existed like that Jenny McCarthy retard but I didn't think there would be any on ISH.

Vaccines are responsible for the virtual elimination of measles, smallpox and polio. It is not some "dangerous chemical", it is an inert replica of the virus. It can not make you sick, all it does is prepare your immune system for the real thing. The same exact thing happens when you get the real virus, except you feel like shit for a week before your immune system fights it off (or in the case of polio you become paralyzed and die).

The flu kills 64k people on average every year:

Get vaccinated. If you want to be a fcking retard and not get a flu shot, stay at home and don't spread your shit to the rest of us normal rational people.
I think it stems from the ignorance on how vaccinations work biochemically. That's why we see posts like "injecting chemicals." A lot of misinformation out there.
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