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Default Re: I hate stupid parents

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
LOL, explain to me how the flu vaccine (which is what we're talking about in here) has prolonged the average life expectancy from 20 to 30 years to 70 to 80 years?

How many people die from the flu on an annual basis?

Sanitation and proper knowledge of germs has been the principle catalyst in prolonging human life, not vaccinations.

36,000 people die from the Flu on average each year.....

How many were 65 and older? ( the group that the Flu effects the most)

27,000 people died from unitentional poisonings.....

470,000 women died from cartiovascular desease.....

33,000 people died from suicide....( nearly the same amount as the Flu took)

what is your point? may die from getting sick? are far more likely to die from bad eating habits......far more!

and just as Likely to off yourself as dying from flu..

Inject myself every year with rotten eggs and viruses? thanks.
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