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Default Flossing your teeth, how often do you do it?

How often do you floss?

I recently moved so I went to a new dentist today because of closer location, and after I told her that my flossing habits are around once a week she suggested that I just try to floss twice a week instead. Her reasoning for that she said is that when she used to tell people to floss daily that many of them would get frustrated and give up altogether and never floss, but telling them to just floss twice a week they aren't nearly as frustrated and at least it gets them to floss every now and then.

maybe rufus has some input on my dentist's advice...or maybe he hates to talk about work in here which is understandable :) twice a week enough rufus?

wish I flossed every day, but I'm always short on time and it is such an easy step to slack on or skip...I do brush twice a day though
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