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Default Re: Man Murders A Drunk Driver After Car Crash

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
still dangerous as fck though...even if he had his hazards on

I really hate even just driving down dark unlit country ass roads like that...I try to avoid it at all way I am getting out to change a tire or anything like that, much less have my kids out there with me when my home is in walking distance. Not saying he is to blame because of it, but he did put his own kids in harms way by doing that.

As someone who's lived in the south a long time this was one of my 1st questions. Why was he having his sons push his car on an unlit country road (the ones where you cant see 10 feet in front of you) Even though brake lights or whatever stay on i would never ever get out to do what he had his two sons do in the middle of the night. I wouldn't blame him for his kids death either but its almost as if he's inviting something dangerous to happen
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