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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Iman's value is as low as it has ever been. Why would you trade him now? You don't sell low. You sell high.

And Felton is our 4th best offensive player, after Melo, Amare, and Earl Smith, in that order. He should never be shooting more than any of them, unless he is on fire. His best game since he came back was the Detroit game when he had 4 points, and 9 assists.

And just to further prove why he should not be shooting - he has the worst points per shot average for all point guards in the NBA.

He is at 1.01 pps, which is the epitome of a chucker.
So how does his value go up when the more he plays the more he gets exposed? All he can do is prove he's healthy. So there are more than one way to think about this. Like I said it better be up for consideration.

So lets see you want the only other player on the floor not named melo and jr to not attempt shots. Brilliant idea so lets take away another weapon on the team thats pretty much weaponless Let the PG be like Jkidd and not shoot and let the defense sag off another player so Melo can play with 4 non shooters....

This is not how basketball works.
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