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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

That was a very hard game to watch. What gets me is the lack of hustle on both ends of the floor. Has anybody noticed that when Dwight gets a defensive rebound, he gets the ball to the PG like he's supposed to but then he doesn't even try to get down the floor? Essentially the Lakers are playing 4 on 5 when he does that. It gives the other team a help defender which basically makes it easier to double Kobe.

I knew there's no way Nash could guard CP3. Paul has been nothing short of spectacular this season. It really makes you wonder what might have been.... For the defense to give up 125 points is ridiculous. Chauncey Billups played 16 minutes and put up 21 points and he's still not 100%. I could go on and on but it's really not worth it. This team is frustrating to watch.
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