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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Yesterday was a victory in the top 16 and Weems was 2nd in his team in points with 19 while Teodosic had the most with only 1 more point. Weems had almost a quarter of his teams points in a 17 point blowout of one of the top Euroleague teams.Weems and Micov are basically the two only additions of a team that lost last years MVP and DPOY not to mention another player who is now an NBA rotation player.If CSKA is again a top team this year, with Weem leading them in ppg and being 2nd in mpg, he will get the recognition he deserves I believe.

First bold - Them and 6 more players but 1 of them left the team .

If you watched the game you would see that Teodosic created 2 or 3 easy dunks that only few pg would create .

Also Teodosic who was first scorer and Kaun who was 3rd combined had 1 more fga than Weems it only proves that Weems takes too many shots .

2nd bold - He is geting recognition he deserves he is 6th or 5th best player on CSKA and people acknowledge that .

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