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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by gabepizza
I would argue 4th best player, I don't know how you can call a teams leading scorers, 2nd in mpg, 3rd in apg, 5 in rpg their 5th or 6th best player. Still as a team's 4th best player it will be hard to get selected to an all-Euroleague team/ The headline of this post is "the return of Sonny Weems". He had a few bad games and was injured, now he seems to be back. Let's see how he does for the rest of the top 16 and the quarter-finals.

He is not only leading his team in points, he is 6th in the whole league, something to look at too.

Because he is worst defensive player on the team , he can't rebound and has as many TOs as assists , that good enough ?
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