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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by el gringos
Norman Powell is way better than that list. The only one I have I have interest off that list is McCollum, haven't seen him but some think a lot of him. Anybody seen him play
CJ is nice. We'll have a legit shot at him possibly because of his injury. He'd probably go higher if he didn't break his foot. Obviously, anytime you break something it's a concern. He's very crafty around the hoop. Not sure if yyou follow college basketball but if you can remember Corey Fisher from Villanova, he's a little like him but with better size. He's about 6'3". Nice pg size but not very athletic. He may struggle as a finisher in the NBA but I think he would be a nice draft pick.

Ivan Johnson is a beast - no way atl would give him up
You never know man. His minutes are down this year. He's only getting 13 mpg. Plus, they have more than enough forwards.

Other than that I haven't been paying atttention.
You and me both. Once I heard about the Big East being broken up just for football profits, I started boycotting college basketball. I still keep up with players here and there but I'm not nearly as knowledgeable as I used to be. Not to mention, this year has been a down year. I do like a lot of players from Michigan. Burke, Hardaway Jr and Robinson III are good.
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